Working from Home?

Working from Home? main image

With the increase of people working from home, there is minimised face-to-face communication. 

Intercom systems are available to help, whether there is a delivery arriving or a visitor approaching, you can control, view and answer this all from your mobile phone, without the need to open the door.

These kits will help with the following:

  • No-touch communication
  • Alert when someone arrives
  • Adhearing to governement rules of safe distancing and isolation (COVID-19 Regulations)
  • Stop the spread of germs
  • Minimise face-to-face communication
  • Practice safe distancing and remain healthy
  • Control your intercom via the mobile phone app
  • Receive video and audio via the mobile phone app

Keep your children and family members safe

Protect your assets

Instruct visitors without answering the door