Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution main image

Introducing the latest thermal camera technology, capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement. Built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measuring up to 3m distance which enables fast and non-contact access. 

Join the efforts globally in ensure the COVID-19 virus impact is reduced.This solution has been applied to many local businesses in Asia (business complexes, banks, company parks) to ensure the prevention and to improve workplace safety.
The thermal camera can detect body temperatures of employees in companies, handling thousands of staff flow every day. Improving the speed and accuracy to help reduce cross-infection through non-contact measurement.
This helps with the epidemic prevention and control in airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools and other high capacity sites. The thermal camera camera solution can also be applied to all kinds of entrance/exits, kitchens and kindergardens.

Solution Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors offices
  • Aged care facilities
  • Health and wellbeing facilities


  • Accurate temperature measurement, safe and effective
  • Non-contact screening
  • Multi-person measurement
  • Visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking
  • Non-mask detection for the intelligent control



Thermal Network Hybrid Bullet Camera (CTV-12-0093)
2U 8HDD Intelligent Video Surveillance Server (CTV-46-0036)
16Channel 1U 16PoE AI Network Video Recorder (CTV-46-0037)
Human Temperature Measurement Blackbody (CTV-02-0009)









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